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SeaShine Magazine

I’m a firm believer in a certain kind of balance in life. The balance, that is, between the opportunities you work for the and others you open yourself up to when they fall into your lap. Life has been one big adventure for me in the way of realizing that any semblance of control we […]

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“Change The World For One” :: Nashville Event Photography

There are people who want to do good in the world, just as the same as there are people who actually do good in the world. And then, there are those who both do good and equip the people around them to, as well. A woman like Kelly Putty, who, inspired by her desire to […]

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Pretty Women :: Nashville Family Portrait Photography

I’ve started and re-started this telling a thousand times over. Okay, so maybe that’s an exaggeration. You see, the thing is, I want to tell you everything about these pretty women. To bring to words everything about their beautiful hearts which they shared with me simply by being themselves in our time together last week. […]

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Meet Jason :: Franklin Portrait Photography

Jason’s the kind of guy you immediately like over e-mail. Enthusiastic and polite, and best of all – creative.  The kind of person that’s just so bent and determined to get a project done with the people that he wants to work with that he covers all of his bases.  And yet, thoughtful and understanding […]

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The Girl Can Sing :: Nashville Portrait Photography

Sometimes people come into your life because they have to. Because two eighteen year-old girls planning to attend the same school have to sleep somewhere, and so end up getting paired together as roommates. Sometimes, that situation can turn out plain awful. And other times, more wonderful than you could have ever expected. When it […]

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