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Parting Ways :: Colorado Travel Photography

It is still beyond my comprehension how we were able to fit in what we did into a seventy-two hour time period. Leave it to us to spend our last twelve hours in the state climbing a mountain, showering in a laundromat, taking a few detours, and making it onto the plane with not a […]

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Long Conversations :: Colorado Travel Photography

If our first day in Colorado was the initial meeting of two new friends, our second was the first long conversation over a good, good cup of coffee.

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Upon Meeting :: Colorado Travel Photography

Just a couple of days ago, I sat talking with a friend about my recent trip with Cliff out west. Imagine my surprise at her surprise at my having never been when she simply exclaimed, “But you’re SUCH a Colorado type of person!” And I said, “I know, right?” Because while I may have hoped […]

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A Good Morning

My recipe for a better-than-average morning often looks something like a simple breakfast, a cup of coffee, a few books and my journal, and a dash of beauty – whether it be an open window, a chair outside, or a pitcher full of fresh flowers. For so long, I let mornings fly by with the […]

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I am a believer, as many much-smarter people before me have been, that beauty has entirely restorative qualities; that adventure awakens the soul; that nature can serve as an environment for a deep connection to the Creator of this magnificent world. What I recognize in all of the feelings that rush over me as I […]

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