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Bis Dann!

The time has finally come! And so, my friends, we’re headed to die Mutterland. Two weeks of serving, building relationships, learning, and exploring in a place I’ve dreamed of going for a long, long time. Our official anniversary celebration this year is a mission trip with our new church and we couldn’t be more excited […]

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And Many, Many More

Today, my dear husband and I are celebrating a particularly special passage of time. Three years, since… …and many, many more (Lord willing!) to look forward to, hence. Clifford, you are my favorite. You have made every ounce of these past one-thousand and ninety-five days worth their weight in gold. From “I do” to our […]

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More Wonderful :: Franklin Portrait Photography

It’s a wonderful thing, you know? To be young. To believe in yourself. To be an amazing daughter, sister, aunt, and friend. To have the kind of smile that lights up a gray Tennessee day. And this girl? She has it all. As Kendra finished up her Junior year of high school in Chattanooga, she […]

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That Whole “Nashville Scene” Thing

Thursday I received an e-mail from the kindest art director I’ve interacted with to date (and the first, if I’m being honest), letting me know the edition was out. The edition in which they’d be running another cover story on the flood, this time from an urban-planning perspective. Looking back, I can totally see how […]

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A Natural Beauty :: Franklin Portrait Photography

If there is anything I’ve learned living daily in a life of creativity and business, it’s that I should remember how little credit there is for me to truly and honestly take in the work that I do. I mean, sure, I can take a great photo, but there are always so many almost mystifying […]

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