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München At Last :: Germany Travel Photography

That last day, after returning to Munich from our morning in Dachau, the name of the game was extraction. If at all possible, we’d soak up every last drop of what was left there for us to discover – see – taste – do, given the time parameters within which we were operating. Which wasn’t […]

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Dachau :: Germany Travel Photography

I didn’t want to go. And in going, I didn’t want to feel. Too much, at least. But we did. We went and we felt. We saw and we learned. A lot. There is no way to tell you what this experience was truly like, except to show you. In short, it was completely sobering; […]

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A Lot Like Home :: Germany Travel Photography

First, I cannot begin to tell you enough the glory that is sleeper train travel. I was mystified and altogether in love with the ease and convenience found in the simple act of going to bed on a train. And not only that, but falling asleep in one town on the more northeastern side of […]

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Tschuessi :: Germany Travel Photography

Our last days in Potsdam were spent enjoying the company of the people, food, and sights we’d grown so accustomed to in our time there. It was a weekend of not “Goodbyes…”, we hope, but “See you laters!” Hugs and tears, laughing and recounting. Dinners and breakfasts, a day at the park and lake, a […]

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Berlin, Day & Night :: Germany Travel Photography

All free men, wherever they may live, are citizens of Berlin. – John F. Kennedy Considering Potsdam’s proximity to Berlin, most of us hoped for the inevitable visit there. The city whose famed wall most of us couldn’t ever begin to understand the implications of, and yet had either grown up hearing about or even […]

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