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American Beauty :: Franklin Portrait Photography

I just knew it! I knew I would enjoy my time with Mallory when her e-mail came in about senior photos a month or so ago. I want nature in my photos… I like mixing old and new… I LOVE art… I love pictures with perspective… And so it went. She knew what she wanted […]

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On the Way Out :: Arizona Travel Photography

When life is good at the bottom, you face the going out with some hesitancy. Not only because what you’ve experienced below rim is just so entirely refining, but because the 9.3 miles ahead, up 4300 feet, feels completely daunting. Fortunately, we split that challenge over two days, stopping early-afternoon on our first day – […]

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Well Worth the Wait :: Franklin Family Photography

It was a good seven months of waiting for this session… Waiting to celebrate the couple whose story had moved us so deeply, last February, as Cliff and I pored over the contest entries. The entries I’d asked blog readers to submit telling us about couples who had impacted their lives for the better. Back […]

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Life at the Bottom :: Arizona Travel Photography

Relief. It is the feeling that sweeps over you as you step onto the north side of the Colorado River and into the area that is home to both Bright Angel Campground and Phantom Ranch. The place we’d find ourselves calling our own slice of heaven in the middle of… well, not exactly the worst […]

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Still as Sweet as Ever :: Nashville Baby Photography

It has be widely known that one of the most important jobs of a parent is to document the life of their child, right? Right? …Okay, so maybe not most important, but at least somewhere in the mix of clothing, feeding, caring for, protecting, providing for and well – all of the other amazing things […]

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