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There Aren’t Words :: Cleveland Family Portrait Photography

These kids are close to where it all began. Two years ago, I rounded up what little gear I had, my limited working knowledge of portrait sessions (as I’d only shot two previous to that), and the six months worth of lessons from play and practice – trial and error – defeat and success, and […]

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What Have We Not…

…to be thankful for? Our eyes are opened to that surprise character of the world around us the moment we wake up from taking things for granted. For example, a rainbow always comes as a surprise. Gratuitousness bursts in on us, the gratuitousness for all there is. When this happens, our spontaneous response is surprise. […]

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It’s Good to Get Away

About a month ago, Cliff suggested a getaway before Thanksgiving. We take these fairly regularly, but never with such a purposeful intention of doing so little – and we were more than overdue for one. Considering our schedule, we only had one range of dates that would work and that was more than perfect considering […]

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The Best Kind :: Nashville Portrait Photography

Courtney and I sat across from each other in a restaurant full of photographers. Photographers who, like us, were learning, re-learning, and practicing shooting in-camera. We talked about – believe it or not – not photography, but UT basketball, over our delicious burritos and chips, which Blue Coast does ever-so-right. And I loved that immediately […]

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Quite the Little Girl :: Franklin Family Portrait Photography

Soon-to-be two, Avery is quite possibly the most delightful little girl I’ve met in some time. Hardly wary of a stranger (at least this one right here!) and completely aware of the camera, she was immediately at play – shuffling out of the bedroom mid-wardrobing in sparkly ruby red slippers (from her Dorothy costume for […]

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