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Lazio :: Italy Travel Photography

I know that Lazio has more to offer than Rome, but it’s all I know. And even that which I know is a bit like having stood at the edge of an ocean – the tide pulling in and out. At times it is all too much, and at others, not enough. Constantly changing, moving […]

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Veneto :: Italy Travel Photography

You know what it’s like to build something up in your mind, only to have that image crumble at the glimpse of reality? To have, as they say, great expectations… dashed. Well, I know what that’s like. And that is NOT AT ALL what happened upon arriving in Venice, the capital city of the region […]

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Lombardia :: Italy Travel Photography

It’s true that if you head north in any country above the equator, it gets colder. It was never more true than on this trip, that’s for sure. Well, at least it felt that way. The hood was up, the gloves were on, the scarves wound around our necks, mouths, and heads as many times […]

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Liguria :: Italy Travel Photography

I left my heart in… the Cinque Terre. Translated, literally, “The Five Lands” – villages built into the cliff sides of the northern coast of Italy – the Italian Riviera, if you will. And Liguria is home to many places beautiful like the Cinque Terre and though I don’t know for sure from experience, I […]

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Toscana :: Italy Travel Photography

When our tour manager informed us that some of the world’s oldest people live in the Tuscan region (more properly, in Italian, Toscana), it’s not hard to imagine why. Even more so, when you are there, to see, with your very own lightness of heart, exactly why. Somehow the world seems to spread out forever […]

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