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Work On Your Life

It was a month ago on a normal day. I couldn’t tell you exactly what I was doing, except that whatever it was slipped away as I zoned in on twelve simple words and a last name, staring back at me from my Tweetdeck, courtesy of Sarah Rhoads. It is exactly what I had been […]

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What Makes It Art

It’s an interesting thing, making a living taking photos. For some, it’s the making a living. It’s the business and the ins and outs of successfully growing something you like doing into a profitable venture. Or, at least, a profitable venture sometime in the hopefully, one-day, foreseeable future. People leave comfortable, salaried jobs in the […]

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Everything Clicked :: Nashville Family Photography

Daniel and David are friends of friends, who’ve become friends, who subsequently asked this friend – me – about the possibility of getting some shots of the two of them and their sister Deanna as a gift for their parents. This session would be the first official set of photos of the three of them […]

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Across the Pond :: Nashville Family Portrait Photography

It appears I talk often about how, when I meet with new clients, I typically love them instantly. In a way, I guess that is a blessing I love sharing because it doesn’t say anything about me except how fortunate I am. And in keeping with that, the same can be said of my session […]

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Uniquely Hers :: Nashville Portrait Photography

Kelly and I sat in classrooms together in college, never really knowing each others’ names. That’s often the story at places where it’s easy for countless people to walk past or sit next to you without ever having a reason to know you. But the second she walked up for our session last fall, I […]

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