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Roots :: New Hampshire Travel Photography

In going, I did not know what to expect. It had been years. Many, many since I had been to the area. Many since I had seen my family. And just enough to approach the journey with as much hesitation as anticipation. It is hard going back in circumstances one wishes were not so. But […]

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This Guy

It’s so strange to me to think that 28 years and one day ago, this guy was just hanging out in my mother-in-law’s womb. That he was just a life waiting to enter the world. What’s so odd about it is that his life is the kind that presently fills the world – my world […]

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Crater Lake :: Oregon Travel Photography

We knew what we were walking into – or rather, driving into – when it came to our visit to Crater Lake. 116″ snow drifts, little to no traffic, and an out-of-the-way destination. Just the formula for what feels like an escape to your own alpine haven. Winter in June, and it was just sublime. […]

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Redwood :: California Travel Photography

As much as I loved Yosemite, Redwood was… even lovelier. There, I said it. Maybe, had my heart and mind not needed such a lightening as only the coast is apt to provide me, it would have not had the advantage. But in the end, it did. And even now, as I sit here poring […]

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We Are Listening

You did it again, Lil’ Turkey. This browser does not show iframe content. We are listening – most days with our hearts or the small ways my body is reminding me that you’re in there. Growing. Changing. Becoming. Some days, I’m more patient than others. And on those other days, I pretend as much as […]

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