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My World of Weddings

It was my twenty-fifth birthday and clouds threatened – not to ruin my big day, no – but to put a damper on my very first wedding as a photographer. The only photographer. As in, all of the responsibility for capturing the day fell on me and the hunk of metal I held with such […]

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Precious Levi :: Nashville Newborn Photography

It honest to goodness feels like it was just yesterday I was taking Wyatt’s newborn photos. My very first newborn session, it was entirely fulfilling – in the way that a session becomes so much more about sitting in the middle of all of the beauty of life than just taking photos. I knew from […]

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Nicole & Charley :: Nashville Wedding Photography

I haven’t yet had a chance to share much with you all regarding the changes around here in the world of weddings. Good changes. Happy changes. But changes, nonetheless. I’ve worked up a nice little summation of my experience in that area of photography over the last few years and what lies ahead, but you’ll […]

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We Are a Blessing

It began this way, you know. Submitted. Committed. Completely in over our heads – totally in love, lacking in perspective, but allowing ourselves to be overtaken with hope. You and me, babe, we are a blessing. Not to the world or to anyone but ourselves – that God would choose to give me you and […]

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We’ve Been Waiting

Let me tell you, little one, today was something else. I woke up the same as I have every morning, except this time with the sort of feeling like one has – as your auntie Natalie said – on Christmas morning… except it’s July. Our Christmas in July. The day you became more than just […]

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