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A Whole Lot of Love :: Franklin Couples Portraits

Cliff had been telling me for months that he thought his co-worker Stephanie and I would get along really well. There was just something about the two of us he thought would work. Then he himself, after meeting Mark, Stephanie’s husband, took it upon himself to invite the two of them over for dinner one […]

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Just Right :: Nashville Engagement Photography

That day in Psychology class, he said he’d have to hate her. That is, seeing as her love for the Steelers would, of course, be in exact opposition to his love for the Bengals. Funny how things like that happen and we literally eat our words. Because now, some four years later, she is proudly […]

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In a Season of Change

Live each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influences of each. – Thoreau Today begins my transition to maternity leave. Because of the physical toll of shooting and proceeding time spent with every session in the post, product, and delivery stages – the […]

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A Mile a Minute :: Cleveland Family Portraits

There is something about fall that screams portrait season to me, be it the lovely weather or gorgeous fall colors. It also seems to be when I have most consistently been involved with fundraiser auctions, particularly as a way to give back in a season where gratitude is at its height and people are on […]

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Best of the Best :: Franklin Family Portraits

Sometimes, the best place to start isn’t always the beginning. Because I’ve done that before with this family. This family that was once just a boy and a girl in a church youth group, years ago… years before they’d ever stand with each other and say “I do”, years before they’d buy their first home […]

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