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Hope For Something Different

My sweet Virginia, I want so badly to get it right. I always have, and it has looked so very much the same in such different settings. The kid in class who thrives on the approval of her teacher. The daughter always hoping her parents are proud of her. The wife wondering if she could […]

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Lainey Turns One! :: Nashville Baby Photography

Getting back into work these past few weeks, albeit it slow, has been more fun than I imagined it would be. It might be that as a mother of a newborn, spending time with other parents and babies at important milestones puts me into my present. I have always loved babies, of course, but having […]

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An Unpredictable Joy

Sweet girl, in the early days, I didn’t really believe them. They all said it, and I nodded my head in agreement, of course, but couldn’t wrap my head around the feeling. For me, many of those days seemed years in length. We struggled and we rejoiced, we cried and we laughed and I, as […]

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