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We Belong to Each Other

Baby girl, we are having ourselves a week – one that started off with you turning four months this past Sunday. I just can’t believe it. One whole third of a year. I’ve been watching some of my momma friends see their babies turn a year old these last few months. Their sweet sweet babies […]

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A Beautiful Life :: Franklin Family Photography

Thanks to a chance visit to a particular Sunday School class at our church, just weeks after getting engaged, Cliff and I had the incredible fortune of starting out our engaged and married life surrounded by some pretty amazing couples. With all of us in the early years of marriage, it was the kind of […]

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Nothing She Can’t Do :: Franklin Portrait Photography

I have spent, what feels like, my whole life in pursuit of the sort of friendships one has for life. The halves, having shared so much of their lives together, of one whole. Sitting, in old age, over a meal or a cup of coffee and a lifetime’s harvest of laughter and tears. In time, […]

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Now, Here We Are

My precious, precious Virginia. A year and one day ago (yes, I didn’t post yesterday because I just didn’t get to it… you keep me busy) my whole world shifted with the discovery of two pink lines on a plastic stick. It was early, early in the morning. I had spent the whole week convinced […]

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Grace & Daniel :: Nashville Engagement Portraits

Most of my clients would tell you that sometimes, I get a little excited on a shoot. We set up the shot, they do their thing, I do mine, and then I look quickly at the back of my camera and it’s like magic happened. Sometimes I dance. Sometimes I gasp. I was looking, I […]

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