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I Love You Endlessly

She got a whole year of monthly notes, so now it’s your turn. Today is November 28th. There is nothing special about this day, that I can recall. Well, except that last year, it was our first full day at home with Virginia. She returned with us, from the hospital, the afternoon before, to the […]

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One Whole Year

And just like that, sweet Virginia, you are one. What a month this has been! Tired of hearing that, yet? You spent your first Halloween in a duck costume, borrowed from your friend Sage. We had four costumes to choose from this year, but there was something about the silky down of this costume, that […]

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Sweetness of Life :: Franklin Family Portraits

Just a few short weeks after this session, Evin broke the news to me that she and Luke would be adding a third kiddo to their crew. I am pretty certain everyone in the restaurant heard my squeals of glee, not only for sharing in the joy of one of my closest friends but for […]

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Fortunate, Indeed :: Nashville Family Portraits

It’s hard to believe it’s been more than two years since we ventured to Germany with a team from our church to do missions. It was in preparing for that trip and in going that we met John and Molly, “the other married couple” on our team. They have turned out to be those friends […]

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Primed For The Journey

Six months ago, today, I walked into a cavernous workout facility full of things that felt foreign to me, including my own self. Bars suspended on walls, bars above my head on poles, rings hanging from bars, weights stacked in piles with numbers I had never seen on weights before. Acronyms written out on white […]

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