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The Party That Love Built

It’s often said, a party for a baby’s first birthday is mostly for the parents. While I believe that’s true, in part – as well as for the people those parents counted on for the last year for love and support and encouragement and… sanity – I think it can still be for the baby. […]

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This Memorable Season :: Nashville Baby Photography

This little one, whew. What a beautiful, beautiful baby girl, belonging to a beautiful family. I met Dwayne in the last semester of my senior year at Belmont, while interviewing for a graduate assitantship I would eventually be given at Vanderbilt. For two years, I worked under Dwayne’s tutelage, spending the first year planning orientation […]

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‘Tis The Season

Disclaimer: I am not a home decor blogger. Nor am I a DIY blogger. Nor a religion blogger. I am not an expert on anything, really, and this post is not meant to be seen as such. It might not have even been written, were it not for the curiosity of a select few who […]

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