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Sweet Madeline :: Franklin Baby Photography

It’s no secret that I was in no way prepared, initially, to be the mother of a daughter. That is, to have a precious baby girl in my keeping. I couldn’t tell you why I felt that way, only that I’d thought my whole life that having a boy first would be less foreign, less […]

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Chris & Kaitlin :: Nashville Engagement Photography

I am a fortunate person. Not only to meet the kind of people I do in my line of work, but in my life. And when those two lines intersect in a way that’s not just business, but relationship, a long chain of meaningful relationships… I tend to think, this can’t be coincidence. This can’t […]

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When Life Gives You Rain :: Franklin Family Photography

This session was months in the making, a sweet daughter-sister-wife-mom making a plan for her whole family traveling through the area on their way to a big ol’ family vacation aboard a cruise ship in the Caribbean. Acquainted with me through Instragram (it makes the world so small, so wonderful!) she reached out and we […]

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Meet Leyton :: Nashville Birth Photography

It seems that it was just yesterday. I was in a room on the third floor of a nearby hospital, watching one of my very best friends give birth to her beautiful baby girl, near the beginning of spring. Spring of the same year I’d welcome my own daughter into the world, later in the […]

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Love Stands Strong :: Nashville Couples Photography

Today, I need to be reminded that LOVE wins. That it’s not just a feeling, or the name of some book, or a thing we say but that it’s just how it is. That love, like my sister’s, today, jumps on a plane to Chicago, from Maryland, bound for the uncertainty of knowing whether the […]

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