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All-Around Amazing :: Nashville Portrait Photography

You know how sometimes you meet someone and everything just clicks into place that you wonder how it took so long for your paths to cross? But instead of dwelling on the “what could have been”, you just rejoice in the “what is”. Because there is so much now, I can hardly contain the gratefulness […]

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LMA Designs :: Nashville Portrait Photography

I will never forget the day, more than eight years ago, that Lauren showed up to our weekly girls’ hangout night with a brand new bible, just for me. I only know exactly when she gave it to me because I filled in the “presented to” and “by” and “on” blanks in its first few […]

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Sweet Days :: Nashville Portrait Photography

Almost two years ago, we were strangers on a plane who just happened to all be on our way to the same exact wedding in Charleston. It’s funny how life ends up like that. A gentleman wears a hat uncommon to what you see everyday, so that you actually notice, and the woman he’s with […]

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Sweet Sixteen :: Lake Ocoee Portrait Photography

Every time I look at this girl, I can’t help but see the bright-eyed second grader whom I met for the first time nearly nine years ago. I hear the giggles of her friends and the sound of Christmas carols in the air, I feel the hard plastic of elementary classroom chairs and the warmth […]

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