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Love You So, Lil’ Goose

This first letter here, Lil’ Goose, is long overdue. (And yes, that is totally your nickname thanks to your sister’s prenatal life as Lil’ Turkey.) What a journey these last twenty weeks have been, you finding your way into our hearts as you nestle into my being. It is, in many ways, as though there […]

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Josh & Katie :: The Wedding

The story of how I have ended up at most of my weddings almost always has a really sweet element of connection to my past. Now this one, well, it’s a little more of a connection to my husband’s past as a West Point Cadet for a couple of years of his life. His life, […]

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In Pursuit of Something I Couldn’t Name

It was the middle of March when I finally hit that glaringly large, slightly menacing REGISTER button. I had filled out the form at least a dozen times, and every time had made it to that point. That overwhelming, one mouse click away point. Gripped with fear, I hovered. You see, last year, I had […]

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A Sneak Peek of Josh & Katie

A breezy, summer-like day in the middle of autumn, with the beautiful company of their closest family and friends; their day was perfect. Josh and Katie’s wedding day was chock full of joy and there was absolutely no shortage of laughter. What a sweet treat it was to head down to Bradenton, Florida the end […]

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Melissa & Patrick :: Nashville Wedding Photography

As promised, today I am sharing the absolutely lovely Middle Tennessee wedding of Melissa and Patrick. Early on in meeting these two, soon after their engagement, I could tell their kind of love is the sticky kind. You know what I mean? The contagious, can’t-nor-won’t stop smiling, makes you float on your way home from […]

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