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Right In Stride

Bubkins, I’ve got good news and bad news for your cute little self. Good news? I took your three month photos ON TIME (yay, Momma!). Bad news? You’ll be four month old in less than TWO WEEKS and I’m just now posting the few I took since I was in a rush (boo, Momma!). So […]

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You Are Just Everything

My sweet Virginia, you are a magnificent little person. I’ve just finished putting you and then your brother down for the evening. Every night is this funny little dance between you and him, your Dadda and I playing musical chairs on the who-goes-with-who of bedtime. Since I was gone a good bit a little bit […]

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Learning and Loving

Today, sweet boy, you are a marvelous two month-old, nearly thirteen-pound bundle of pure delight. Okay, maybe all the diapers and the fussy spells err a little on the side of not so delightful, but it is a delight to spend my days with you, all activities included. Activities these days that still mostly revolve […]

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Turning Thirty

With our feet soaking in the bubbling, hot water of those fancy pedicure chairs at the nail salon, I shared a little of my heart on the impending birthday ahead. As I babbled on about the last ten years and what I can’t even imagine is in store for the next ten, Evin suggested I […]

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A Sweet, Sweet Joy

They told me it would go by fast, little man, but I really couldn’t know just quite what that would mean. That I’d wake up on the day you turn one month and mourn, a little, all of the every-moments I haven’t had with you that it feels like I had the first time around. […]

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